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Do you also have old toys, clothing and other items you'd like to donate before the end of the year? It is the perfect time of year to clean out and send them off to someone else who will see them as treasures. infant and toddler clothing (up to size 4T) books, toys, equipment, includes clothing, shoes, books, Car, House, media, house wares and clean and functional games and toys, and other items in truly excellent condition. No stuffed animals, cribs, furniture, or car seats. To receive a tax deduction, you must fill out the tax receipt form located on their web site. Donations can be made at the office Monday – Friday between 10:30-6:30. Call the office to schedule an appointment. Brooklyn pick up process: Call the office to schedule a pick-up, which can usually be done same day. Office Phone: 614 375 2057


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We have free fresh produce market and clothing and toys for the community here in Columbus on every second Saturday of every month. Plenty of good and fresh produce.Click here to submit your Address



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One of our visions at Vacmi charity is to give back to the community in many ways. Above is a produce market that is done two days during the calendar month to assist low income Individuals and families; Moreover, the market is open Monday's to Friday's to assist low income families with food, clothes and merchandises if needed..

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We work hard to keep its costs and its fees as low as possible. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization for 2 key reasons. There’s nothing worse than a well-meaning volunteer leaving the project without anyone to take up their good work

Vacmi on Hispanic TV

Canal Hispano TV came to check out what we are doing with the community