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We focus on Global Health & Child Survival, helping children to have an amazing back-to-school experience with bags of school supplies to fully equip them for the upcoming school year and to improve the quality of life of children in the United States and around the world.

This is what every child deserves. To provide humanitarian actions including clothing, toys, food ,shelters ,water and after school program for children and much more to those in critical in need in the urban and rural areas. Moreover, to facilitate enduring and sustainable programs that promotes community development. Our goal in the after school program is to focus on the inner city children that have nowhere to go once the school day has ended and needing extracurricular activity and needing assistant with homework. Our organization also helps to protect local farmlands and creating programs that support the local agricultural communities in Africa.

Furthermore, to help prostitutes regain their stolen dignity by assisting them with their personal needs, such as food, clothing, medical expenses, children education, lodging, etc and to counsel them and engage them in other activities such as a small business or job related training to make a difference and restore hope and joy in their lives.


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We have free fresh produce market and clothing and toys for the community here in Columbus on every second Saturday of every month. Plenty of good and fresh produce.Click here to submit your Address



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Our Visions

One of our visions at Vacmi charity is to give back to the community in many ways. Above is a produce market that is done two days during the calendar month to assist low income Individuals and families; Moreover, the market is open Monday's to Friday's to assist low income families with food, clothes and merchandises if needed..

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We work hard to keep its costs and its fees as low as possible. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization for 2 key reasons. There’s nothing worse than a well-meaning volunteer leaving the project without anyone to take up their good work

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